Creating a blog with WordPress part 1: choosing a theme

Standard Wordpress theme

This is the first part from a series of tutorials which will explain how to setup a WordPress blog and modify it to your needs. It will start with the basics like how to use WordPress when writing a blog post and which plugins should you download. Later on I will tell more about creating your own or modifying existing themes, adding Multilanguage support and optimize your blog for search engines.

If you have not installed WordPress yet, then now is the time. You can download WordPress here and detailed installation instructions you will find here.

Standard WordPress themeSo, assuming that the installation went successful, you will be now the proud owner of a WordPress blog.

When you will visit it now, it will have the standard theme installed. It looks okay, but I can imagine that you would like it to look a bit more exciting.

Before you start searching for a theme, you should have at least a global idea about how it should look like. Should it have a minimal look, or very colourful. Should pictures be the main content, or do you want to focus on just text etc. etc. Once you know what you know, searching for a suitable theme will be much easier and faster.

First a quick intro about WordPress themes. The easiest way to style your blog is to install a theme. A theme will change the appearance of the whole blog. There are themes made for photo blogs, recipe blogs, technical blogs, portfolio blogs etc. You can of course also create your own theme, but then you need to know something about HTML, CSS and PHP.

There are thousands of free WordPress themes available on the net. For people that want something specific, or some extra functionality there are also premium themes. Premium themes costs money, but come often with an extra tab in the backend where the user can configure a lot of options that normally are not editable.

A theme can be installed by copying the complete theme folder via FTP to the “themes” folder in the “wp-content” folder on the server.

Here is a list of some websites that have a good collection of free and/or premium themes.

Some themes come with a fixed static start page. These themes have more the look from a normal website instead of a blog. Other themes show on the start page the latest blog posts. Other themes come with a slider on the start page where the user can promote featured posts.

The next part of this tutorial series will describe some needed and useful plugins for WordPress.

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  • Danke, für mich ideales Timing, ich überlege gerade, einen Blog einzurichten. Werde also ein interessierter Schüler sein :-).

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