Scalable background image with jQuery


When a customer wants a background image for his/her website, there are always some questions to answer:

  • For which resolution will it be optimized
  • How big shall it be
  • Which background color has to be taken when the browser size is bigger than the background image
  • Does the background color fit to each background image

There is 1 answer for all these questions: Supersized.

Supersized is a fullscreen background and slideshow jQuery plugin that takes the reference image and scales it to the browser size. Supersized generates from a single image a scalable background or from multiple images a background slideshow.

Include first the stylesheet, then the javascript file. If only a scalable image is needed, then you should use the supersized core javascript file (stripped down version). When a slideshow is needed, then the normal javascript file should be included.

Example script for a single scalable image with Supersized:

Example script for a multi image scalable slideshow with Supersized:


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