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WordPress CMS functionality

5 Months ago I wrote a blogpost about WordPress as CMS. In this post I refer to some plugins that add a lot of functionality. The last months there have been some big changes in WordPress land, so I decided to rewrite this article with some updated information/plugins.

New WordPress 3.0 functions

WordPress 3.0 brings a lot of new functionality. The custom menu option is one of these new functions. With older versions of WordPress, it is possible to create menus that contain pages, categories and/or posts, but it has to be programmed and is much less flexible. Nowadays you just select the items you want to have in your menu, save the menu and call it in your template with 1 line of code. Very easy and even more important, very flexible.

Then there are of course the well known custom post types. I believe that this function was already available in some older versions of WordPress, but it got famous with WordPress 3.0 and is probably more refined. The function is very handy when your page needs complete different types of posts, like for example news, events and recipes on the same website.

Some manufacturers of premium (payed) themes offer extra functionality in the backend. Woothemes for example comes with a extra tab full with extra settings and features. One very useful feature from Woothemes is the ability to create per page a different sidebar without programming. This makes the complete website very flexible.

WordPress CMS plugins

I use the following plugins often, because the really extend the power of WordPress.

If I missed some plugins or you just have anything to add to this post, feel free and post a comment!

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  • Use WordPress SEO by Joost – you will see the difference. This is by far the best SEO Plugin and much better than AIOSP.

    • Hi Andreas, you are absolutely right. I changed the link in the post!


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