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Travin Keith, Director of Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG), recently visited LimeSoda in Vienna to discuss how the nxt and Ardor Blockchain ecosystem could be applied to a leading social media and e-commerce company.

One of Austria’s most recognised and innovative E-Commerce Companies, Limesoda is focused on maintaining its position as a pioneer in innovative fields; its sees Blockchain technology as a potential means to establish itself as one of the leading e-commerce and social media companies in Austria and Europe. During the meeting, Travin Keith discussed various possibilities for LimeSoda with Philipp Pfaller and Bernd Pfeiffer, founders of the company.

One of the first internal use cases LimeSoda is considering, is the potential use of the Nxt voting system combined with the Austrian Citizenship Card to create an internal voting platform, where user identification is confirmed. This ensures the system verifies and confirms the identity of the voter, whilst allowing one vote per user. The identity of the voter will remain anonymous both to the viewer and the creator of the poll. This tool can be used for company decisions including but not limited to the board of directors, employees and selected clients.

LimeSoda and Jelurida (developers of Nxt/Ardor technology) will also explore together the option of creating an Ardor child chain, that serves as a payment platform for the Magento webshop system. LimeSoda is a Magento solutions specialist and is always looking for opportunities to take their portfolio to the next level.

Bernd Pfeiffer, Co-Founder of LimeSoda: „We were very impressed with the director of the Ardor and Nxt Group, Travin Keith, and are looking forward to developing web-apps for us as a company in the future. Furthermore, we are resources available for when clients will approach us and request blockchain-driven apps.“

Travin Keith Director of the Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG): „I am grateful to Bernd Pfeiffer and LimeSoda for providing me with an opportunity to discuss Nxt and Ardor Blockchain technology as well as the Ardor and Nxt Group. I am happy to welcome them as members into ANG and look forward to such a reputable company being part of the growing ecosystem.“

About LimeSoda

LimeSoda is an Austrian Company specialized in the field of E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing and Web-App development. They have been active in this field for more than 15 years. LimeSoda is a multiple awards winning company (Columbus Award, Constantinus Award, German Design Award and two times winner of the Anton Award; for the second time in 2017 as best E-Commerce agency in Austria). LimeSoda is based in Vienna with a subsidiary in Linz.


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